Free clinics provide medical services for the uninsured, limited or low income residents (usually a household income level of 200% or less of the poverty level.

The clinics are staffed by area doctors, nurses, and other volunteers who give freely of their time to bring quality medical services to the community. Before coming to any clinic an eilgibility interview appointment is necessary to determine if a patient qualifies for services.

Clinic websites

Loudoun Free Clinic

Arlington Free Clinic

The Good Will Network was created by Tareq Abedin,MD to ensure that patients without healthcare insurance would have access to affordable, quality, comprehensive healthcare. Patients are strongly recommended to purchase disaster insurance (, or standard medical insurance (,, .

The providers in this network have all agreed to give a cash discount for patients who have no insurance. The cash discount covers the office visit. Office policies and restrictions do apply. Most physicians will also provide cash discounts for other services that are provided on site.

Laboratory services are provided through Quest Diagnostics. Participating Good Will Network providers who have set up the QuestCares account will be able to provide full diagnostic laboratory services at significant affordable discounts. Providers who need to set up the account will need to contact their account representative.

Radiology services are provided again at significant cash discounts by MRI imaging of Virginia. Providers who would like to access the price list will need to contact Mark Bailey.

Providers who would like to join the network please EMAIL us. Please provide your name, specialty, email address, and a direct phone number where you can be contacted. Read More

The Good Will Network does not charge participating providers or patients any fees. It is simply a non profit organization trying to connect uninsured patients with providers who are willing to help. The Good Will Network does not credential providers, nor does it provide any kind of membership documentation to patients. It is simply a good faith effort to connect the two groups of people.

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