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Doctors who careUrgent Care


Loudoun medical care without insurance, near Ashburn, Leesburg and Sterling.

Healthcare clinic for people with no insurance in Leesburg, near Ashburn in Loudoun County

Ashburn Loudoun Medical Health Care and School Physicals, School entrance physicals with no medical insurance in Leesburg

Cash medical care for those with no insurance in Ashburn Leesburg area, near Sterling in Loudoun VA Loudoun No Medical Insurance Health Care, Ashburn No insurance health care, Leesburg no health insurance medical care at cash discounts.

Loudoun Acupuncture Clinic, 703-729-9220

Dr Daghigh, Lansdowne, 703-726-4411,703-726-9720
Dr Lee, Ashburn, 703-723-8727
Dr Paluvoi, Lansdowne, 703-729-8830
Dr Nguyen and Dr Trivedi, Sterling, 703-444-7234
Dr Wasan (Lansdowne) 703-729-8933

Cardiovascular Group, Lansdowne 703-858-5421
Dr Garg, Lansdowne 703-723-5520
Virginia Cardiovascular Care, Ashburn, 703-723-9966
Children's Heart Clinic, Leesburg, 571-434-7060

Dr. Nguyen and Khan, Lansdowne, 703-723-9751
Dr. Semler, Lansdowne, 703-723-6568
Dr. Usman, Ashburn, 703-726-0070

Dr. Todd, (Skin Cancer Surgery), Lansdowne, 703-723-5700

Ronald Ray, Ashburn, Leesburg 703-858-0045
Ajit Patel, (Pediatric Only) Ashburn, 703-726-4333
Zia Rizvi, Ashburn, 703-858-1904

Diagnostic Imaging & Radiology:
Radiology Imaging Associates, 703-40-5800

Dr. Dastgheyb, Leesburg, VA, 703-777-3917
Dr. Alam, Silver Spring, MD, (301) 680-0060

Ear, Nose and Throat and Hearing Evaluations:
Dr. Iqbal, Sterling 703-444-9660
Dr Lee, Ashburn, 703-723-8727
Dr Lee, and Dr Hwang, Ashburn, 703-787-3322
Dr Silva, Lansdowne, 703-858-4439

Family Practice :
Dr. Aggarwal, Lansdowne, 571-223-3833
Dr Anbarasan, 571-209-5498
Ashburn Sterling Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, 703-729-9220
Community Health Clinic, 703-443-2000 Accepting Medicaid
Dr. Saunders, Lansdowne, 703-726-8687
Potomac Family Practice, 703-444-3302

Dr. Wasan, Potomac Falls, 703-444-9502

General Surgery and Surgical Specialists:
Dr. Alshkaki, Lansdowne, 703-942-8770
Dr. Mount Castle (General, Plastics and Hand) and Dr. Cross (General), Dr. Lesniewski, Lansdowne 703-858-3200
Dr. Phillip Chaing ( Plastics), Lansdowne 703-729-5553
Dr. Kriss and Dr. McDow (Thorasic and Vascular), Lansdowne, 703-858-3131, (General
Dr. Rosenberg ( Vascular), Lansdowne, 703-771-8170

Dr. Rajendra, Lansdowne 703-858-3110
Dr. Grewal, Lansdowne 703-729-6030

Infectious Disease:
Dr. Sarfraz Choudhary, Lansdowne 703-858-0575
Dr. Andrabi and Ly, Lansdowne, 703-574-3246

Internal Medicine:
Dr. Abedin, Lansdowne, 703-729-9220
Dr. Habib, Ashburn, 703-724-4000
Dr. Patel, Leesburg, 703-777-8840
Dr. Trippel, Lansdowne 703-723-8668
Dr. Rao, Fairfax 703-870-3750
Burke Internal Medicine, Burke,7 03-250-5171 or Manassas 703-330-1112

Laboratory Services:
Quest Diagnostics , Lansdowne, 800-877-7484

Dr. Assefi, Reston 703-961-0488
Dr Adler, Reston, 703-723-5555

Dr. Chawla, Lansdowne, 703-729-1900
Dr. Dulai, Lansdowne, 703-726-6393
Dr. Hasan, Ashburn 703-787-7638
Dr. Rana, Lansdowne, 703-724-9376
Dr. Singh Lansdowne 703-858-3700

Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Dr. Ayoub, Lansdowne, 703-858-5599
Dr. Bess, Lansdowne, 703-726-9680
Dr. Duggal, Lansdowne, 703-858-4340
Dr. Rutland, Sterling, 571-434-9191, Reston 703-773-0300
Dr. Stokes, Lansdowne 703-858-3230
Loudoun Community Midwives, Lansdowne 703-726-1300

Dr. Ahmed Nasrullah, Lansdowne 703-723-9633
Dr. Elbash (Adults), Lansdowne 571-291-2432
Dr. Ziai and Dr Merrill (Adults), Sterling 703-858-9800

Commonwealth Orthopedics, Lansdowne, VA, 703-810-5207
Dr. Alam, Silver Spring, MD, (301) 565-3301
Dr. Haque, Fairfax, VA, 301-657-9876
Dr. Khan (Hand),) Lansdowne,VA, 703- 858-1800
Dr. Moshirfar (Spine), Ashburn,VA, 703-444-5447
Dr. Gable and Dr. Gavin, Leesburg, VA, 703-777-3262

Dr. Abedin, Lansdowne 703-729-9220
Dr. Karam, Sterling, 571-434-7337
Dr Nair, Reston, 703-444-0100
Loudoun Pediatric Associates, Lansdowne, 703-723-7337

Dr. Kander, Leesburg, 703-777-5830
Dr. Kugler, Lansdowne 703-858-7887
Dr. Shah, Ashburn, 703-723-1163

Loudoun Psychological Associates, Polly McMillan 703-779-2550
Dr. Khine, Alexandria, 703-328-8740
Dr. Khine, Alexandria, 703-989-8476
Dr. Khalil and Dr. Murtaza, Sterling, 703-444-PSYC
Dr. Rashid, Falls Church, 571-245-4263
Rochna Hazra, L.P.C., Leesburg, 703-608-6418

Dr. Odutola, Lansdowne 703-723-3398

Urgent Care:
Next Health, Ashburn 703-724-4000
MedicsUSA, Purcellville 540-338-3360, Ashburn 703-726-9401, Winchester 540-662-5300

The Urology Group Dr O'Conner, Lansdowne 703-724-1195

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us during normal office hours. About Us - Office Information
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